Sumatran Rhino Calf

Mieke roth sumatran rhino calf

final version

Mieke roth kop2

head detail of final version

Mieke roth suma21

I think this is it. Need to sleep over it.

Mieke roth suma15a

Almost there

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adjusting fur and normal map

Mieke roth suma10

Work in progress

Sumatran rhino calf. Naked awaiting sketchfab ready fur

Sumatran Rhino Calf

I'm done. Still not completely happy; the shadows in the skin are a bit too hard imo, but overall I'm pleased with the result.
Full disclosure:
For the skin I tweaked the lemon material from the CMV from Reynante Martinez, and for the fur I did the same with fur01 from the CMV. I also made use of the Pro Lighting Studio of Andrew Price
To get to this result the materials needed a lot of tweaking, but it was very nice to have a high quality base to work from.
The fur is composed of 11 separate slots, grooming them to satisfaction took the most work.
I left the wips in here, to show the progress.

By the way: these rhinos are that scruffy looking ;-) the problem regarding the fur is more in the on-even patches and being too curly sometimes