Educational posters

The last few years I made a lot of 3d anatomy models, most of which weren’t available for a larger public. And that’s a pity.

So this poster of the intestines of the brown rat (male) is the first of a series. For now I only added the names of the organs, but I am planning on additional posters that have  more information.

The first series will cover all of the anatomy of the rat, but I’m working on more animals.

I also still have a nice octopus laying around..

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Price range: €12,34 – €31,70

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3d printed models

Slowly I am transforming my 3d digital models into real life ones. I do take requests (of turning one of the models shown here on my website into a 3d printed one), but will consider the amount of work involved before I proceed. Most of my models I have ordered myself.