TNO spreads

Mieke roth tim 1

About a test setup for gastrointestinal research

Mieke roth ariane motorframe 1

Spread about the test facility where the motor frame of the Ariane 5 rocket was tested

Mieke roth kernhuis 1

Spread about the warehouse with drill samples of the Dutch geological underground.

Mieke roth co2 afvangen 1

About CO2 capture with amino acids.

Mieke roth geothermie 1

drilling for hot water

Mieke roth trilvest 1

developing a tactile vest.

Mieke roth hyperbaric testcentre 1

test facility for deep sea unmanned submarines.

TNO spreads

A few years back I had a regular spread in TNO magazine, the outlet of TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research. Here an overview of those spreads.