Melolontha melolontha or Cockchafer

A few years ago I started a model of a cockchafer or may bug. The model wasn’t finished and I forgot about it for a long time.

Recently the beetle came to my attention again. It fitted perfectly in a project I am working on.

So I took the original model and started working from there.

This time I will finish it, although probably intermittent. You can’t find any adult cockchafer alive right now, only around May, June. I already asked some people to look out for them around that time, since there aren’t any in the place I live, and hopefully it is a good cockchafer year. So I¬†will be working as far as I can with photo and illustration references, and I will finish it in May or June.

The above model is one without animation.

The above model is one with animation. Also still a work in progress.

You can follow the progress by clicking on this model one once in a while because I will upload my progress in this one.

Not only will I be modeling the exterior of the beetle, eventually I will do its internal anatomy too.

In the end this model will be the base for a tutorial about the anatomy of beetles.

In this tutorial I will make use of all 3d and 4d model possibilities to make the tutorial as insightful as possible.