In my last post I wrote about the #SciArt tweetstorm and what it did for me. I also wrote about the fact that I am working on a Patreon to get funded improving my skills and giving me a base to live on. Quietly I already launched my Patreon this weekend.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is like crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, only different. Instead of trying to get funded in a limit amount of time working your ass off with the risk of not succeeding, with a Patreon artists ask people for support on a monthly base. In exchange the artist shows an in-dept of his or her work process and occasionally makes special gifts for his or her patrons. Contrary to patrons in earlier ages a modern day patron doesn’t need to be wealthy. That is because the artist doesn’t rely on one patron but on a lot of patrons.

It only takes one to five dollars a month for a person to become a patron.

You can give more.

Of course.

If you want to.

Why Patreon?

In a perfect world I would only work on the things I love to do. It isn’t a perfect world. Mortgages have to be paid, the kid has to be fed and clothed and so on and so forth. So most of my work is on commission and it acts in service of what has to be communicated. And since I switched from mostly technical illustration commissions towards biological 3d print and (later) animations, the commissions aren’t always in line with the path I am aiming for.

The anatomical work that you see here on my website I did mostly in my own time. That is why I set up this Patreon: to continue working on that anatomy and to build a solid base for future collaborations.

I want to be known world-wide as the go-to person for beautiful, accurate and great 3d animal anatomy.

The Patreon will get a permanent place on my website and I will update it regularly of course. It is something that is here for the long run, so, like Eric Orchard said:


Eric has a great Patreon by the way: Inkybat

My Patreon

My Patreon will be a slow and steady thing. But it will go on and get really interesting. Most of what I am up to in the next year or so will be linked to my Patreon one way or another.

As you know I am focusing on 3d print. In order to get the 3d anatomy I am already working on towards 3d print, I have to optimize and work on the models. So I will give you full insight in what I have to do in order to get my anatomy model 3d print ready.

So prepare for
some great anatomy and anatomical insight
coming your way!