Scientific Knowledge

Knowing what my client talks about and how to interpret it is the most important part of my expertise. It ensures quality.

With a MSc in Animal Sciences at the Wageningen University, a large scientific network and a long list of cutting edge scientific assignments, I am able to tackle a wide range of scientific subjects.

My specialties are:

  • Anatomy
  • Process Technology
  • Biology

Beautiful Renders

Knowing how to get that knowledge and interpretation into attractive and beautiful renderings  is the other part. It conveys the message.

In 3d

Without the need for plugins it is already possible to add real 3d models to your website. By the end of the summer these kind of 3d models will be available totally platform independent. Just try any of the 3d models above to rotate, pan and zoom.



or in 2d for web and print

There is still a lot of need for beautiful and accurate 2d images for print and web. I have the skills and the equipment to provide images for any given format.