3d models animated!

The people behind Sketchfab know what 3d modelers need.

I’ve been an active member of the Sketchfab community since they started in 2012.
From the beginning they focused on ease of use instead of overwhelming us with the latest features.

And it paid off.

Sketchfab has been growing exponentially and has an enormous community, Sketchfab models can be embedded in most social media and exporters and such are native in Abode Photoshop and Blender.

In 2012 you would see mostly Work in Progress and work from hobbyists on Sketchfab, nowadays you can find scans from museums, portfolios from game designers and scientific modelers like me. And the quality is amazing!
You can adjust the models in Sketchfab to show as cartoons, wireframes and even in realistic Physical Based Rendering.

And now they added the latest: full blown animation!
My imagination is running wild, and I hope to show some advanced applications with it in 2016. For now I leave you with my little chicken to whom I added 3 small animations.

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