Hips and hindlegs of the rat

This is the second tutorial about the anatomy of the rat. Like the first one it’s short and quick so you have a clear insight of all the bones mentioned. All tutorials will be in a similar standardized format. When I completed an anatomical layer (this one is part of the bones layer of course) I will make an overview page with all the tutorials. The series now is mainly about the names of the bones themselves, later I will publish tutorials about individual bones, the anatomy of that bone and their interaction with other tissues.

About the course unit

In this unit the bones of the legs and hips of the rat. Again the skeletal structure is rather similar to a human skeleton, except for the hip bones.

If you click on the tabs underneath the model, the bone you selected is centered and highlighted. Additional information is given about the function, shape and position of that bone.

Bones discussed in this unit:

  • Sacral Bones
  • Coxal Bones
  • Femur
  • Tibia
  • Patella
  • Tarsus bones
  • Metatarsus bones
  • Phalanges bones