African Elephant

This model of an African Elephant is more than 4 years old. You can see the first version of it here:
Old model of the African Elephant

At the time I was pleased with it, but I had trouble with the posture and I wasn’t that skilled yet to get the polygons to an acceptable level. The last week I have been working on it again, one of the advantages of working in digital 3d. I changed a lot of things in posture, sizes and shape, most of them subtle but more in line with what an African Elephant looks like. This version of the model is an intermediate sized model. I could go down to the lowest polygon version, but I think this is a good compromize between ease of use and actual details displayed. And as you can see I used the posibilities of the viewer to give it a look and feel that matches the grandeur of a great African elephant bul.

My end goal with this model is to have a rigged version that has believable movement.