About Mieke Roth
Mieke Roth has a trackrecord of 10 years as a science illustrator.
She studied Animal Science at the Wageningen University, the Netherlands, where she majored in Animal Nutrition and Information models with minors in Environmental Studies and Design of Business Systems. With her company, Mieke specializes in the high end of the market: visualizations of complex problems or processes. She worked for clients like Science Magazine, TNO, Het Financieele Dagblad, De Ingenieur, Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland, Natural History Magazine, Ministry of Justice, universities and much more.
My specialities are:
  • Anatomy
  • Process Technology
  • Biology
Scientific background
With a MSc in Animal Sciences
at the Wageningen University,
a large scientific network and
a long list of
cutting edge scientific assignments,
I am able to tackle
a wide range of scientific subjects.

Knowing what
my client talkes about
and how to interpret it
is the most important part
of my expertise. It ensures quality.


Knowing how
to get that knowledge
and interpretation into
atractive and beautiful renders
is the other part. It conveys the message.

In 3d

Readily available at the web

Without the need for plugins it is already possible to add real 3d models to your website. By the end of the summer these kind of 3d models will be available totally platform independent. Just try the rat here on the left to rotate, pan and zoom.

Or in 2d,
for web and print
There is still a lot of need for beautiful and accurate 2d images for print and web. I have the skills and the equipment to provide images at any given format.
Animal Inside
Together with two partners I am working on the startup Animal Inside. Animal Inside is going to produce high quality 3d models of animals, platform independed.
Animal Inside
It is an exciting time right now, but in this summer I still have some room for extra work. In the months following, Animal Inside is focussing on the architecture and process flow. At the beginning of 2015 the first animal, the common rat, will be available for purchase.
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Breehorn 46
8223 CN Lelystad
The Netherlands
+31 06 37 28 08 99