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You are working on a research project that you need to have out there

Attracting attention


You don’t want to exaggerate
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That shows the beauty of your project by being just as driven as you are

Scientific Visualization

Accurate illustrations, 3d models and animations can do all that. And more:


Accuracy is imperative. Scientific research is about accuracy. Any visualisation of that research should be too.

With my background as a animal scientist and 10+ years of working for universities, scientific magazines and research institutes I am at home within the scientific community. I know how to interpreted scientific data and am able to do (literature) research for assignments.


In graphic design most people are taught that visualizations need to be simplified in order to make them effective. For a lot of subjects this is absolutely true. But in science communication one risks losing a lot of the information one wants to communicate if visualizations are oversimplified.

By not trying to simplify a complex subject but instead making the complex information accessible in a thought-out way, a visualization really adds value to science communication.


Making sure complex subjects are pleasing to look at adds to the efficiency of the communication the visualization is part of.


Here are some examples of how I can help you with that. If it is for web display, print in a scientific magazine or a big poster on a conference, I know what is needed and I am able to translate your thoughts into stunning visuals.


I can translate your research into a single appealing image that jumps off the cover.

Complete visual articles

For Dutch customers I can make complete visual articles, text and design included. If a visual article is needed in English, I know several professional writers who can help but I am more than happy to cooperate with someone from your staff.

3d Animations

Since hardware and internet connections are more and more able to process large amount of data, the sky is the limit. Now it possible to add 3d animations to your work for, for example, showing processes or growth with unprecedented detail and accuracy.


I can do a lot more. I do speak your language and know what you are talking about. If it is a quick image needed to clarify an article or a large project that takes a lot of time and cooperation of a lot of people, I love them all the same.

And if yo do have any questions, I am happy to clarify.

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